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CW Moss

Written by  Terry & Tara
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Baby Face Nelson and CW Moss arrived in Atlanta December 22, 2010 - and they were so cute that it was love at first site! True to their namesakes, they "stole" many hearts everywhere they went! They arrived in Atlanta after traveling from Omaha to Chicago to Long Island to Baltmore and finally Atlanta.

They made the trip just fine and both were happy to sit in laps and be cuddled all the way home from the airport. We didn't mind holding them!

On first blush, it is easy to see that Baby Face Nelson, the smaller of the two, called all the shots between he and CW Moss, who was larger. Baby Face Nelson was the more self assured of the two, but CW Moss warmed up to hugs and snuggles more and more every minute.

They were among the youngest of the Missouri 11 at only 12 months old, and they clung to each other. CW Moss would cry if Baby Face Nelson was out of his sight. Baby Face Nelson was much smaller but was the alpha dog, easily nosing his brother out of the dish and leading the way outside. While they would cry when one of them was out and the other was left behind, they would sleep all curled up together in the crate, not a peep out of them. While this was as cute as can be, we knew that they would need to learn to do without each other.

After carefully screening many applications, a very wire experienced couple from North Carolina drove to Atlanta bringing their male wire, Scooter. Scooter and CW Moss hit if off right away, and the family fell in love with him.

He left his "partner in crime" behind, and joined the Witness Protection Program, changing his name to Wesley. He is now living very happily with Scooter and the rest of teh family in North Carolina.

A happy ending for all, especially for two wire boys who started life living in an exposed crate with no one to love them.

April 2011 Update:

We wanted to give you guys an update on Wesley. He is doing really well. He got his first haircut a month ago. He seems to really like it, especially now that it is getting warm. Wesley will soon be graduating from Beginner's Class at a local dog training facility. He knows how to Sit, Stay, and Down. We're still trying to get a few commands to sink in (particularly Come). Wesley and Scooter are getting along better than we ever hoped. As we speak they are playing chase and are running laps around the house. We feel truly blessed and thank you both for introducing us to Wesley. We want to also thank you for all of your hard work rescuing, fostering, and placing all the Foxies in need.


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