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Bozley and Charlie Bozley and Charlie

Bozley is a handsome 4 year old Wire Fox Terrier AFTR rescued from a nightmarish hoarding situation in Missouri. Picked up with his pal, Charley, Bozley adapted well to living in a home environment.

His Missouri foster Mom and Dad, Kim and Brent, noticed that he had a funny little gait and took him to a vet. The vet determined that Bozley had a patellar luxation and would require surgery.

Bozley moved to Maryland to stay with Ilonka and Mike. One of his first orders of business was to visit an orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Nwadike graded his patellar luxation at a grade 3 on a scale of 1 to 4. For a dog this young, there’s no question that orthopedic surgery is the best option for his quality of life.

Patellar luxation is similar to what is commonly called a "trick knee" in people. Basically, the kneecap is not able to stay in place because the usual ridges that hold it in place did not develop. Because of this, the knee cap slips over to the side of the leg when the knee bends causing scraping of bone against bone each time. It's painful and eventually the knee cap will lock up on the side of the leg. We couldn't let Boz live with that pain, so off to surgery he goes.

Bozley will need at least 6 weeks of cage confinement, only getting to go out while closely controlled and monitored on a leash. After his stitches come out at 2 weeks, he should start toe-touching and some light physical therapy can be started to get him back to normal. Ilonka is prepared for this, knowing that Bozley won't be happy with it, but we all want this surgery to be successful so she's steeled herself to resist the pleading eyes and "Jedi mind tricks" of the sympathy seeking fox terrier... a force few can resist....


Now a Maryland boy and being fostered by Ilonka and Mike, Bozley needs your help to fund his surgery. He is a sweet, young dog who’s making wonderful progress and can have a full, fun-filled future in front of him. Can you help Bozley?

Boz attempts an escape6/7/2011 Pup-date: Summer is proving to busy for everyone, so we're trying to keep things updated - but vacations and graduations and life cut into everyone's time. So here goes with the latest couple of weeks of Boz-dom:

Yes, Bozzy continues to keep everyone on their toes. With his extreme talent in cage climbing, he's going to have to go to a home that can appreciate his quirks and talents! He's doing well, and stayed with another rescue person for a week while Ilonka was out of town and did well. After she got back, the physical therapy portion of his life began. He has started going for short walks to use the leg and is doing well. He's met other dogs on his walks and has been nice to them.

This morning he off to his first physical therapy appointment. He seems to be looking forward to it!

More updates to come on his physical therapy as we receive them!

5/23/2011 Pup-date: It seems Boz had a VERY busy weekend!!

Boz is sweet and mischeviuos as ever! He is "stablizing" ..eating regulary, going out regulary, taking his meds. He can still move pretty quick on 3 legs and Ilonka has to keep a close eye on him. She feels he's either too looped or just looped enough to be dangerous.

He is quite the escape artist. Mike was headed to bed one night and had to assist Boz back INTO his pen. This of course was after pain meds and his tranquilizer! Oy Vey! Boz has made it abundantly clear that he really doesn't want to be penned.

The next day, Boz was given a bit of freedom to cruise around the house. And low and behold - Ilonka comes around the corner to find Bozley in his foster sister, Asta's, crate!! He told Ilonka "I climb out of my own pen but have decided Asta's isn't too shabby of a place for a snooze."

So we have almost made it through the first week. You may notice he has been shaved. Lets just said he had a couple minor mishaps in his pen and cleaning him up became very difficult. Its much easier to "sponge bath" him with baby wipes when his hair is short. And, it makes his naked leg less obvious! ;) Good idea, Foster Mom!

Boz5/19/2011 Pup-date: Boz didn't want to eat and could scarcely stand up his second morning home, so Ilonka call the vet and they decided to dial back the level of pain meds he was on. (Please note, he's also on an anti-anxiety drug because of his cage issue, so that was also playing into his "high".) After giving him a break from the meds he "came down" from his high and was coherent enough to eat last night.

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Kathy Lauer

Kathy has been involved in fox terrier rescue for over 10 years, and she owns several rescued dogs herself. She is also the treasurer for American Fox Terrier Rescue.

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