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Sasha is one of the Missouri 11 who stayed a bit closer to home. She made her way to Oklahoma to fostered and turned into a happy pet for a lucky family.

Sasha came into her foster and just seemed to know her old life was over and she did great from the start. She's a sweet girl, not aggressive towards my other dogs, is using the pet door, is healthy and is just a real joy.She was timid around strangers, but not aggressive towards them. Some common household noises would startle her, but she got better with each passing day. She discovered the full length mirror in my bedroom and is fascinated by it. She loves to run and play, and in true wire fashion will see what she can get into!

I gave her a spa day when she got here - bath and a hair cut - and she seemed to know just how pretty she

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Friday, 02 April 2010 04:27

CW Moss

Baby Face Nelson and CW Moss arrived in Atlanta December 22, 2010 - and they were so cute that it was love at first site! True to their namesakes, they "stole" many hearts everywhere they went! They arrived in Atlanta after traveling from Omaha to Chicago to Long Island to Baltmore and finally Atlanta.

They made the trip just fine and both were happy to sit in laps and be cuddled all the way home from the airport. We didn't mind holding them!

On first blush, it is easy to see that Baby Face Nelson, the smaller of the two, called all the shots between he and CW Moss, who was larger. Baby Face Nelson was the more self assured of the two, but CW Moss warmed up to hugs and snuggles more and more every minute.

They were among the youngest of the Missouri 11 at only 12 months old, and they

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