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Everyone has preferred vendors that they deal with in their personal lives who they have found to provide wonderful goods and services.  We all like to recommend those that we've enjoyed working with. 

The Resources and Links area of the American Fox Terrier Rescue website is to share links to those resources that friends and members have found to be 'keepers"!  However, please note that while our members have had good experience with these vendors, American Fox Terrier Rescue DOES NOT in any way guarantee or endorse the vendors, products sold, or the service levels of these vendors, unless specifically stated otherwise.

As with all purchases, do your research.

General Dog Information

Fox Terrier Network is a virtual community for owners and fanciers of Smooth and Wire Fox Terriers with information galore!

Dog Breed Info Center is a site with general information on many breeds of dogs.

American Kennel Club is the official site for the AKC, with loads of information on all breeds of dogs, including breed standards, an AKC store and much more.

DogTime is a site that has information ranging from training to product reviews.

Jack Onofrio Dog Shows is the site to check if you want to find a dog show in your area.

Roy Jones Dog Shows is another site to check to find dogs shows in your area.

Animal Behavior and Training Resources

Animal Behavior Associates - Articles on all aspects of animal behavior

Stacy's Wag'n'Train - a site on effective, positive training, including articles and resources

Karen Pryor Clicker Training - website of videos, books, products and about Clicker Training

Corally Burmaster's Clicker Training Center - another site dedicated to Clicker Training

Leerburg Kennels - a site with videos, books and equipment all dedicated to dog training

Lost and Found

If you have a fox terrier, be sure to put a secure collar and tags with your name and phone number on him.  So many dogs could be returned in minutes to their owner if only they had a $5 tag on their collar.  Also, consider microchipping your dog.  If the dog were to lose its collar, most vet clinics and shelters or animal control facilities have a mircrochip scanner and your dog can be returned to you.

The major chip companies are Home Again Recovery System and Avid.  You can visit their websites if you lost or found a dog and report the information, whether the dog is chipped or not. 

Other sources for Lost and Found Pets are:

Find My Pet Now


Medical Resources

The Merck Veterinary Manual is a great site for researching medical issues in your pet.  It does not take the place of your Veterinarian, however.  Your first call should always be to your Veterinarian!

VeterinaryPartner.com  is here to support your veterinarian and you in the care of your companion animals by providing reliable, up-to-date animal health information from the veterinarians and experts of the Veterinary Information Network (VIN), the world's first and largest online veterinary database and community.

Canine Cancer Awareness is a tax-deductible non-profit organization whose mission is to raise awareness of the prevalence of canine cancer, its effects and the available treatment options.

Integrative Veterinary Oncology: Research and Resources page has an extensive list of cancer related link and research.

Dog Nutrition Advice is a site with a great deal of information on nutrition and diseases in dogs that can relate to nutrition and obesity in dogs.  Remember, being overweight not only diminishes your dog's quality of life, but deducts nearly two healthy years from your dog's lifespan, while increasing the risk of diseases ranging from arthritis and diabetes to heart disease and certain cancers.

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