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My name is Tallulah.  My first life was terrible. I lived in a puppy mill in the Bronx which was run by a horrible man who mistreated me and 50 other Wire Hair Fox Terriers.  When I was 2, the ASPCA rescued us and a nice couple in Manhattan adopted me. I lived there happily for the next 11 years, but hated the noise of the city and, truth be told, really, really wanted to be an only dog.

So, with the help of Cammy from American Fox Terrier Rescue, I found my current home. It’s the best of all worlds – I live in a wonderful house in New Jersey with my OWN lake where I love to swim and chase geese!

And thank you to all of our supporters for your donations and support of AFTR. Your support means dogs like Tallulah get a second chance at a great life.  Thank you all!

Friday, 12 August 2011 04:57


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A beautiful smooth fox terrier was saved by big hearts and great teamwork! Jackie is a sweet-tempered 10 yr. old Smooth Fox Terrier was left alone in the world when her elderly owners passed away. As if that weren't enough to turn a girl's world upside down, the heirs were headed to town at the end of June to settle the estate, but before they arrived, they made sure to tell Jacqueline's caretaker to "put her down to make life less complicated".

Thank goodness for the caring next door neighbor (also a rescue volunteer with Min-Pin Rescue) who promptly took Jacqueline in for a few days and contacted AFTR! Thanks to special friends of AFTR, Mark and Tom, for fostering Jackie till a new home could be found.

Jackie was placed in a wonderful home and recently that clever dog sent Cammie an

Thursday, 07 April 2011 04:57


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We put out a call for AFTR Success Stories - and we received the following lovely letter from Gloria about her adorable boy, Liam:

It will soon be two years that Liam came into my life. Not only Liam but his foster parents, who’ve became wonderful friends. Linda & I are both Liam’s moms. That’s why when I really want him to come, I call him by his full name, "Liam Dudash Greening." Liam came to me when I had suffered the lost of my two elderly dogs & my mother so I call him the "healer." People just want to pet Liam, he is so gentle & kind. Liam loves riding in the car & he knows every business in town that hands out dog biscuits. He knows where all my friend's houses are & even goes to places you'd never believe a dog would be allowed. Liam is the greatest. Thank you
Sunday, 17 April 2011 04:56

Heidi - From Urgent Needs to a Success Story!

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In June 2010, Heidi was left in an overnight drop box in shelter near Raleigh, NC. She had no name and no history. Two days before she was set to be euthanized, Heidi was sprung for AFTR!

Heidi was driven to Maryland and went immediately to Linda and Bob's. She was covered with infected tick bites and a number of live ticks, and was clearly in need of dental work. She also had 6 mammary tumors which were later, thankfully, found to be benign.

Linda and Bob fostered her, helping her navigate medical treatment and surgery, and letting her know that she finally had someone in her life that would never let her down. After all the love and care they put into her, they didn't think they could part with her, so they asked to adopt her. Heidi agreed that this was where she wanted to stay, and a

Saturday, 09 April 2011 04:55

Parson Brown

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Brownie, is a Special Delivery wire fox terrier, who was found by Greg H., a UPS Driver, while on his route. She was wandering in front of a car dealership on a busy street in New Bern, NC. Being a wonderful and caring dog-lover, Greg picked her up and took her to the shelter where she would at least be safe from all the dangers in the world to a dog running loose.

AFTR received an e-mail directly from the shelter when she was found, and we were told of the poor condition she was in. The shelter would hold her, and when the stray hold expired, she could go into rescue. Nobody claimed her, so AFTR stepped in and arranged for transport.

The closest we could get her was Smithfield. Thankfully, I remembered I had an applicant in that area. I worked in the home visit to Laura's house on the

Monday, 04 April 2011 04:54


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Lily was found running around Nashville on her own. One neighbor built her an outdoor box shelter and finally a kind family who has rescue Greyhounds and Shihtzus invited little Lily into their home.

They searched for Lily's owners to no avail even though she had a rabies tag. As it turned out she was a long way from home and her owner had since become deceased. So Lily was turned over to AFTR, and quickly found her forever loving home that she shares with an Aussie/Corgi friend named Parker & and a brand new wonderful family. Congratulations to Lily and her new family! We are thrilled that you found each other.

Monday, 13 September 2010 04:54


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Trucker keeps on truckin'! Found roaming the streets of Moore, OK with Baxter, Trucker ended up at the Moore, OK shelter. When AFTR volunteer Teresa arrived to pick the boys up, she also found Tiffany so like any AFTR volunteer she scooped them all up! Teresa enlisted the assistance of Dee, AFTR volunteer in Houston, to help foster and place Trucker so he enjoyed the late summer/early fall in Houston.

Meanwhile, Kiki and Tim’s application was arrived and was approved for adoption. When the dog they originally applied for was adopted to another family, they were considered for Trucker and a match was made!

Kiki and Tim wrote “You might recognize the cute little fellow in the photo. We are now the proud and very pleased people of Trucker. He arrived here on Thursday night. Dee Langley has

Monday, 13 September 2010 04:53

Fred and Ginger

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Fred Astaire (formerly Lincoln) was one of three beautiful Wire Fox Terriers surrendered to AFTR by a small breeder who was closing down her breeding operation in the winter of 2009.  Fred and his two Foxie siblings were just two years old and entrusted to AFTR's care for placement in a loving home.

With his two siblings in loving forever homes, Fred came to a foster home in Maryland. Within weeks, he was matched to Adam and Helen who were wanting a Foxie boy to join their family.  Fred lives the good life with Helen, Adam and Ginger Rogers in Baltimore, Maryland. Happy Forever Family Fred!!!

Monday, 13 September 2010 04:53


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Gigi (aka Gwyneth) is one lucky lady! Scooped up by another rescue from elderly owners who left her alone and tied up in the yard all day long, she landed with AFTR.  VA volunteers, Jill and Sue; MD volunteers, Lucie and Debi; and PA volunteer, Eva teamed together to pull, foster, transport, and place this sweet little miss.  

In just over two weeks, Gigi has gone from a sweet, smart, and very neglected 8 month old to a new and very much adored family member of Elaine and Jesse. They were deeply grieving the loss of their previous Foxie and when they met Gigi it was a moment of sheer joy. There were more than a few tears shed among the humans while Gigi romped in the gloriously big backyard and performed her “happy roll” in the soft grass.

Elaine and Jesse were waiting with an orange

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Fred Daphne was surrendered by her family in Indiana to AFTR in June 2010. They found that this darling young Foxie needed more time and attention than they could handle. Fred and Louise, who’d just lost Missy also adopted from AFTR, were ready to welcome another sweet Fox Terrier into their lives. Eleven AFTR volunteers transported Daphne from Indiana to Maryland over a two day period.

Daphne was pronounced “just delightful” from day 1 and has taught Fred and Louise how much fun “fetch” and “catch me” are. As she’s settled into their home, the love affair continues! Daphne gets 4-6 walks a day to ensure that Louise gets enough exercise and when Fred comes home from the office Daphne helps him “relax” after work by letting him play with her favorite toy with her assistance, of course

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