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Wednesday 2/02/2011 Doug Update:  Doug went in to the vet this morning for his second round of dental surgery.  According to Edi, "Doug was so happy to go to the vet this morning.  He just loves everything and everybody.  What a forgiving soul he is."  He settled in to get ready for all that great attention he gets from April and Molly and Ashley and the rest of the girls at Compassionate Care Animal Hospital, where he is somewhat of a Rock Star! 

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Monday 1/17/2011 Doug Update:  Doug is doing well.  He was neutered and had the sebacious cyst removed from his neck.  Throughout, Doug had excellent EKG readings and his oxygen level stayed at 97 - 98, which is perfect for a dog under anesthesia.  Then they did dental x-rays and cleaned his ears out.  The ears were actually pretty good, and they're squeaky clean now.  Still a bit of bacteria in there, but they've been deep medicated and that should clear up.  Dr. Judi will re-check a swab in 2 weeks to be sure. 

Doug's dental x-rays were as bad as we'd thought they'd be.  Lots of broken off roots in that poor mouth and more than a few abscess around the pieces of roots.  They worked on one side of his mouth and were


UPDATE 12/29/10!

Doug had his 10-day check up today after moving to Minnesota, getting cleaned up, checked over, on a new medical regimen... and the news is beyond what we'd hoped! This is the initial report from Dr. Judi:

"I am really impressed with how... much better he looks - unless he gets really excited - you can't hear his wheezing at all - his ears are almost normal and he's really attentive - he looks like a whole new dog. He has lost about 3 pounds - so I have her increasing the kibble again - I'd ideally like to see him gain 1 pound. We decreased the pred by 25% - will recheck in 2 weeks - but at the rate he is going we may be able to neuter him and also possibly treat his teeth - Amazing!"

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Franklin left Missouri and flew to Baltimore MD along with Ava, Hermann, Pretty Boy Floyd, Sissy, and Sugar on December 15, 2010. A sweetheart from the start, Franklin loved being part his foster home’s pack. He progressed quickly in housebreaking and leash manners. Gentle and lovable, Franklin routinely showed squeaky toys who was boss by specializing in squeakerectomoies. Final tally was Franklin: 10 Squeaky Toys: 0.

After having lived his whole live in an outside pen or crate, Franklin adapted well to life as a house pet. He snoozed by the fire, hopped on the couch to cuddle, and played well with his foster dogs. Having a fenced yard was a particular delight for him. As he “lapped” the perimeter, he’d run faster and faster until he was just a blur! When he was done with his work out

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Day 2 update

Wednesday, PAWS took 2 males and 2 females to get all cleaned up.  All reports are that they did very well. Despite the bathing, dip, blow drying, brushing and clipping, they were happy enough to give the ladies tail wags and kisses. Jackie, Carol, and Shellie did a great job washing and grooming the lucky Fox Terriers.

When they were finished, Millie (another wonderful  PAWS member) fed the ladies homemade soup and hot chocolate.... which warmed their bodies to match their very warm hearts!  Carol then brought the four squeaky clean pups to her home and let them loose in a 10 x 20 pen. They ran, jumped and played, celebrating their freedom!  Nothing is more heartwarming than seeing a puppy mill dog be able to run full out for the first time.


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Day 3 Update

Baths, baths and more baths!  The last set of the Missouri 11 got their "day at the spa" for baths, dipping, nail clipping, and all-around fluff 'n buff!  PAWS told us that a previous adopter, Julie, came in to adopt a kitten.  She saw how busy they were with the fox terriers and decided to hang around and pitch in with baths and grooming!  Who says there aren't Angels out there?  The fox terriers all did wonderfully and are now fluffy and clean and waiting for their trips to the vet for shots, physicals and spays and neuters.


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December 10, 2010

All of the Missouri 11, with the exception of Doug, were vetted, spayed or netuered, heart worm tested today.  ALL got clean bills of health - and heartworm free! **Big sigh of relief!!**  They also got high marks for darling, happy temperaments! Thank you to Bev and Carol from PAWS who drove 3 hours round trip with 10 lively fox terriers. And cheers to the vet and her staff who tolerated just a bit of fox terrier chaos!  Now on to the airport for flights to their next foster homes next week.  And Doug will be chauffered on Wednesday from Missouri to Minneapolis to start the next phase of his care.  A lot of truly amazing people have done a lot of truly amazing work to bring this together.  Thank you so much to all of you.


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December 19, 2010


On December 14, the Missouri 11 minus Doug's trip to Kansas City and Omaha began. PAWS volunteers loaded up 10 dogs in a van to meet Teresa in Kansas City.  Then on to Omaha to catch their flights.  One went back home with Teresa to Oklahoma, 7 flew out east, and 2 are waiting till the 21st to fly to the southeast.  Doug hung out with PAWS till Wednesday when he got up before dawn and headed to Des Moines by car to meet Kathy and head north to Minnesota for further hospitalization and tests.

Once they got to Omaha, the Nebraska Humane Society had wonderful volunteers there ready when the dogs arrived to exercise them, feed them, get them settled, and most of all to pet and comfort them with gentle hands and very warm hearts.  They didn't care that it was late at night - they

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From the time she arrived from Missouri, three year old Sissy was the social butterfly and the "girly girl" of the Missouri 11. With her cheery disposition, sweet temperament and “happy dance,” this darling girl charmed both of her foster homes and then her forever family. When she arrived on her Pet Airways flight, it was clear that life in a puppy mill didn’t snuff out her joy or curiosity. Despite bearing litters for profit, Sissy was never afraid of people and thought that everyone she met would love her … and we do!

Sissy was fostered with Franklin for the first month after she arrived in Baltimore. She made excellent progress in her leash manners, ability to get along with other dogs, and being comfortable riding in a car and visits to the vet and pet supply stores. Like many puppy

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Blaze: In Memoriam

BlazeMy wonderful friend Terry Cerisoles (President of American Fox Terrier Rescue) tells me that many of you continue to wonder and ask about Blaze, our Miracle Girl, and that I must do this now – and I know it’s time.

My heart breaks to have to tell you that, to my great sorrow, we lost our Blazie on April 10th. Please forgive me for not announcing this earlier. So many of you followed her story, donated money for her care and sent gifts, love and prayers. The truth is that Blazie’s passing was just the final stroke on a horrendous three months for me last winter. I simply could not talk about any of it or respond to any messages until now.

I lost my precious girl Nancy (14) after a long battle with cancer and then kidney failure on December 3rd. She was so tough, so valiant and so loving

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