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A letter from Holly

MaggieBlaze reminds me so much of my little Maggie, rescued from a puppy mill in almost as bad shape as Blaze.

Fortunately, Maggie was only about 2, but nearly dead from starvation, parasites, etc. It took nearly a year to get her fat (really fat :-) healthy and happy -- and she was my adoring, affectionate, beloved companion for 16 more years.

Blaze's wariness, her disengagement, her desperation for food and comfort are all like Maggie's. But, like Maggie did, she gets a tiny bit better each day. Her age and long neglect are problematic, but hopefully not insurmountable.

I feel Maggie -- and my darling PD -- with me every day, and know that I am doing the right thing, no matter what the outcome. Love conquers so many ills and heals the giver, as well, so my struggle for Blaze is truly a

Monday, 29 November 2010 01:40


Zazu, 10 – 12 years old, was surrendered to a family relative to care of in May 2010. In early August 2010, she was surrendered to a local shelter with a report that she’d been recently spayed and in poor physical condition – a tender abdomen, prominent hip bones and backbone, the hair around her eyes so matted and dirty that her corneas were irritated, and severe dental tarter and periodontal disease. The shelter contacted the vet hospital however they had no record of having spayed Zazu. They vaccinated and de-wormed her and did a heartworm test which was thankfully negative.

With limited resources to attend to the obvious medical treatment that Zazu needed, the shelter turned to AFTR. Our local volunteer went to the shelter on a Sunday and by Monday Zazu was at a first rate vet for

Tuesday, 17 May 2011 01:39


Bozley is a handsome 4 year old Wire Fox Terrier AFTR rescued from a nightmarish hoarding situation in Missouri. Picked up with his pal, Charley, Bozley adapted well to living in a home environment.

His Missouri foster Mom and Dad, Kim and Brent, noticed that he had a funny little gait and took him to a vet. The vet determined that Bozley had a patellar luxation and would require surgery.

Bozley moved to Maryland to stay with Ilonka and Mike. One of his first orders of business was to visit an orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Nwadike graded his patellar luxation at a grade 3 on a scale of 1 to 4. For a dog this young, there’s no question that orthopedic surgery is the best option for his quality of life.

Patellar luxation is similar to what is commonly called a "trick knee" in people

Thursday, 07 April 2011 01:38


Jake was surrendered by his owner to a local Maryland shelter.  We were told that he is good with children but not housebroken at 9 years old.  He was vaccinated on a regular basis and groomed, but he was intact and desperately needed dental care.  So an appointment was made and Linda took him to the vet. 

Jake’s neutering surgery turned out to be complicated due to the fact that one of his testicles hadn’t descended.  With his age and the undescended testicle, what we thought would be a simple neutering turned into exploratory surgery.  He came through it like a champ and was sent home.

Jake recovered well from his surgery and dental cleaning.  Post surgery, he has bloomed in his foster home and will be a wonderful family pet.  He loves toys, play time and cuddling!


Wednesday, 09 June 2010 01:34


Sophie was found by a kind hearted family in rural North Carolina along the side of a road.  She had very bad teeth and a number of mammary tumors.  She was such a sweet little dog, and we had high hopes that she could be helped. 

Sophie had a large tumor covering two of her nipples. It was hard and weeping and at best would have required surgery.  Additionally, her teeth were clearly in need of medical care.  Efforts were made to help her.  She was taken to a vet who also had hope for her, but after some testing and x-rays, her condition was deemed too grave and the mammary tumors appeared to be malignant. The decision was made to let her go gently and kindly, with caring people around her.

The sad reality of rescue is that no matter how much we would like to save all of them, not all

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